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Full Version: John McCain "suspends campain" to focus on the economy
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southernbelle Wrote:No, but how do we stop it?? I have made calls to my reps, I bugged my local rep who has no voice in this. I saw a quick quest from a reporter to Greenspan(?) (is that his name?) anyway, when asked if this will be the last bailout that they are going to ask for he said probably not...this is expected to reach into the trillions before it is over with.
Why should my money, bail out companies, if I or you make a poor investment with our whole life savings and it goes bust, no one bails us out. I have investments that could be affected but I would feel safer letting the dust fall where it may and moving forward. You don't pay off bad debts with more borrowed money, you are just adding to your bad debts. I feel trapped in a box with no way out, this is going to happen whether we the people who are paying for it want it or not. I think this should be up for us to vote on. If you are for it then you can pay it through your taxes the rest of your life, your children's lives and their children's lives, I personally don't want to pay their bills.

Have I ever told you how hot you are when you talk politics?
Katfive Wrote:Have I ever told you how hot you are when you talk politics?

The debate is back on! Make sure to watch it tonight....
southernbelle Wrote:Am I the only person in America that is a little upset by the thought that they are bailing out companies that are not only national companies but international companies? Let some of the countries that for instance AIG deals with throw some of their money in to this bail out. If the government would bail out all the families who are losing their homes, pay the mortgage companies directly, I believe this would be a better help to our economy then trillions of dollars that our goevernment is borrowing to bail out companies who have made bad investments. Whose to say these bad investments won't continue and all of the bail out money is lost? Lower the interest rates so families can continue paying their mortgages which is what they have been telling us is the cause of all this to begin with is it not?

Greed is good - Gordon Gekko
When was it? Not tonight?!?! That is stupid if so!
Did anybody else catch that McCain didn't return to Washington tonight? What a hypocrite.
Daniel294 Wrote:Did anybody else catch that McCain didn't return to Washington tonight? What a hypocrite.

As I read the news Obama spent the day campaigning and McCain spent a lot of it on the phone with the folks in Washington.

"Democrat Obama went after Republican nominee McCain at a rally in North Carolina, saying he had come across in the first of three debate clashes Friday as out of touch on the economic and national security perils facing America.

McCain spent most of the day holed up in his campaign office and apartment outside Washington making a flurry of calls designed to help seal a 700 billion dollar finance industry bailout before markets open on Monday."
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