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Full Version: Ike question
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How can Ike be a depression than turn back into a tropical storm while running over land in Canada? That's what I see forecasted to happen to Ike. Are the Great Lakes hot enough to give Ike an energy boost?
I'm not sure what it would take for that to happen but I know that it has happened, I believe the same year as Katrina and Rita. I can't remember if the name stays the same if it happens or if it changes. Hopefully someone who knows more than we do will pipe up.
Ike will become extratropical:

Quote:wtnt44 knhc 140841
tropical depression ike discussion number 53
nws tpc/national hurricane center miami fl al092008
500 am edt sun sep 14 2008
surface observations indicate that ike weakened to a tropical
depression during the past several hours...with 25 to 30 kt winds
and higher gusts occurring well to the southeast of the center. The
surface data show a cold front is approaching ike...with an area of
25-35 kt winds developing behind the front from southwestern
missouri across northwestern arkansas into eastern oklahoma. This
is the first sign of extratropical transition...and it is expected
that ike will lose tropical characteristics during the next 24
hours as it merges with the front. Some re-intensification is
expected after extratropical transition is complete...with ike
producing gale-force winds until it merges with a larger low in
about 72 hr.
Thanks, I wasn't sure if that was the reason or not.
now wouldn't that be strange
Atlantafan Wrote:Are the Great Lakes hot enough to give Ike an energy boost?
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