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Full Version: Unusual color at sunset when hurricane in Gulf
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I am in central Texas and have observed this phenomenon for decades and hope someone can answer the WHY.

When there is a hurricane or developing hurricane in the Gulf the sunsets and to a lesser degree sunrises cast a "stained glass" effect. Everything appears to be shaded in pastels, not really hazy but the colors are muted and appear heavier in the pinks and orange shades. What causes this to happen?

Even if I haven't been keeping track of the weather, when I see this weird lighting in the evening, there is a storm in the Gulf. I have yet to see a false positive.
Well so much for "red skies at night, sailors delight" and "red skies at morning, sailors take warning".:confused:
Windwatcher Wrote:Well so much for "red skies at night, sailors delight" and "red skies at morning, sailors take warning".:confused:

I had a red sky this morning. /Wow :omgwtf:
HarvestMoon Wrote:I had a red sky this morning. /Wow :omgwtf:

Well, then. There you go. The Old Salts have been right all these years and without the NHC.
I've heard of a "Brick Dust" sky ... means someone's gonna get it.

HarvestMoon Wrote:I had a red sky this morning. /Wow :omgwtf:

What were you drinking ?/knockonwo/knockonwo
This occurance is an odd atmospheric "glow" not a particularly colorful sunrise or sunset. The atmosphere and the surroundings appear to glow with this diffuse pastel color. The sky may be clear to overcast and the glow persists. No chemical influence is required to see this glow. This glow is pronounced enough that even those who never notice the outside world will comment on the "weird" lighting. This is only seen when there is a big storm in the Gulf -- no false positives and no false negatives. Current translation -- maybe it will come this way and we might get some desperately needed rain. Regardless the question remains, what causes this 'storm in the Gulf' glow?
Did you see it this evening?
southernbelle Wrote:Did you see it this evening?

I did, Belle. Pink and blue skies?
When I was a kid a tornado blew into town, but about a half hour before, the heavy clouds in the sky turned pea soup green, and the atmosphere felt heavy.

When I was older, a red sky woke me up one morning, my eyes were closed but I saw red through my eyelids and thought the house was on fire. I opened my eyes and the entire room was illuminated in blood red light from the rising sun in the eastern sky. What followed was one of the most violent thunderstorms I've ever seen here.

When I was in Florida I noticed the northeastern sky was yellow in late afternoon. It was very odd, and I watched it for quite a while and it didn't fade like a late afternoon light shifts, it remained a dirty yellow color, even the air looked yellow. My sister was at the bar while I saw this, and she said the entire bar emptied onto the sidewalk to look at the weird sky. (ya know it's something when drunks take notice) I told her that we were going to get hit with that storm out in the Atlantic (which became Charley), because of what I saw. Sure enough, 4 days later that damn storm hit. I guess it was a visible indicator of atmospheric disturbance.

Kinda cool to see and experience, after a while you get a feel for what it means, I think.
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