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Full Version: SW Energy is an Enigma
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A great deal of information regarding patterns will be acquired this winter, because it is an abnormal pattern. The SOI signal is going positive, and having a trof lock in the west. Trof in Asia, with an omega block in gulf of alaska. Ridge retrogressive in the means in Alaska-while the Azores ridge stays caput. Trof east of Hawaii and energy locking in the west...and the list goes on. A similar pattern was observed 1950 but that was when a La nina signal was present- and we have a weak to moderate el nino. So the question is, what induced the high latitude blocking if it wasn't a La nina...Well this year it is certainy not the water temps. because they are abnormally warm in the Gulf of Alaska, which would argue for a trof, not a monster ridge. What are the models seeing that we aren't, almost every well known rule would be broken according to them? Maybe the problem resides in the equations that created them. Nevertheless, the GFS for instance has us in the mid 50's one day and then recieving 6-10 inches of snow the next week-what's up with that? You can now see why it is an enigma to me.
Looks like the pattern will become progressive after this sudden warm-spell...And with all avengence, mallace, and sorrow it will strike...relentlessy with no mercy-hitting every town, bashing windows, throwing out hips, and hyneria's all over the place. Be scared, be very scared!
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