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Full Version: Anyone Ski in Utah?
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Has anyone ever been to Utah skiing? Around Christmas time? Is the weather too brutal to enjoy it? /santa
I skied in Utah, once, in 1980. VAST difference between boilerplate snow (icy conditions) we had in Ohio and pristine powder in Utah (Snowbird).

Wish I could ski...arthritis and back problems preclude that. Haven't skied in 20 plus years.

But when I could, it was fun. Smile Miss it...


Have fun, think of me on one of your runs Smile
I have been to Park City several times during Christmas and each time has been different, the snow has always been good but tempatures can be just right or brutal. The Good thing is I have never had a bad time, there is always something fun to do!
Thanks, Guys...my daughter wants a trip to Utah for Christmas and I'm just being a Mom here...wanting to discourage her if the weather will be too harsh.
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