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Full Version: Some Of The Deadliest Storms Occurred In Less Active Seasons
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I notice some of the below average seasons were also the deadliest.
1900-Great Galveston Hurricane (12,000 dead) (7/3/2, ACE: 84)
1928-Okeechobee Hurricane (+4,000 dead) (6/4/1, ACE: 75)
1930-1930 Dominican Republic hurricane (8,000 dead) (2/2/1, ACE:39)

Some of the most active seasons recorded were not all deadly.
1995-150 dead (19/11/5, ACE: 228)
1936-6 dead (16/7/1, ACE: 118)
1887-1 dead (19/12/2, ACE:182)

All death tolls are direct and indirect deaths. Also, all the storms prior to 1944 are just recorded and likely more storms formed in those years.
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