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Full Version: Winter Round Table Alert Mode!
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Join Zachary Fradella and Mike Naso as they track the cold and snow in the United States, and tell people what may be coming down the pipe.

Listen in at 9pm EDT (CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES) and these are the links to listen:
I will start playing music at 8:50 PM EDT or so.
I missed the show..."3" was on ESPN2 for the fourth time, so I had to watch it. Never liked Earnhardt (Sorry folks, I'm a Rainbow Warrior), but you sure had to respect the sum***** after watching that flick.

How did the Roundtable go?

[Image: jgstare3.jpg]
Listen to it next time and maybe you'll find out. Cool
Don't crack wise with me, ~buster. How was the show? Gonna get plenny cold by Wednesday in the heartland, I know that. Mostly moisture starved, tho...Next week will be interesting...
Sorry for cracking wise LOL It went well 181 listeners. A record for the WINTER ROUND TABLE.
Great...btw, I've PMed you twice, you wanna talk?
Sure. Do you have AIM?
See my PM...use the chat feature on this site...
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