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Full Version: Accuweather Xmas snow fall map
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[Image: temp-xmas1.jpg]
Isn't what you just did illegal. Anyways, just want to jump in a make a quick post. Looks like one more southern branch storm, and then the northern branch takes 1st with a rather "healthly" Alberta Clipper comes through, which opens the possibility for a cross-isobar (aka bleeding) artic outbreak in the northeast corridor. I've got a feeling that this Clipper will be followed by a cold high, which will knock down temperatues to barely above freezing as highs, which would break the southeast ridge (retrograde), and create the southern branch storms to ride up the coast and "bomb." The GFS is confusing the transitional period with Spring, thus locking the energy off Baja Cali', which doesn't seem right because it seems very progressive. I wonder what the SOI signal is going to do....? I understand it's mistake, but it's starting to see that were in winter not Spring, anyways forecasts will be sure to bust anything more then a day can be completely wrong! So there's my .02 cents, if that's what it's worth!
If the map is on the "public" accuwx site, I beleive redistribution, in whole or in part, is not prohibited. Rollie busted my *** for posting a portion of Henry Margusity's severe weather forecast about a week ago, so he's aware of what he can and cannot post. I have to guess the Christmas map was offered on the public site or he would not have posted it.
Well, it was made wrong because Florida does have a chance for a White Christmas, I distinctly remember a December freeze a while back...
Florida and Georgia are the only states in the continental U.S. with a zero percent chance of having snow on Christmas Day.
heh...not to a charlie horse but according to that graph, parts of Florida have below 0 chance of getting a white Christmas, now doesn't that make sense!!
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